30 June 1995

Cleaner potato lifter on a roll at Highland…

It was hot stuff. Hot weather, hot crowds and an extensive display of "hot off the line" machinery. Andy Collings reports from Scotlands premier agricultural show – the Highland

MODIFICATIONS to Kverne- lands UN2400 range of two-row potato harvesters has resulted in the launch of the UN2422, a model which employs axial cleaning rollers as part of its separation system.

From the front the crop is lifted by the companys "floating lifting unit" designed to follow ground contours. Potatoes are then placed on a web equipped with overhead flights and raised to the main cleaning area. The speed of the flights can be adjusted to provide additional cleaning where clods are present.

Much the same as before, so far, but then the crop passes over the new axial cleaning rollers – nine pairs of contra-rotating rollers designed to remove haulm and clods. Pitch of the rollers can be adjusted so the time it takes for potatoes to pass over this section can be controlled to suit conditions. Other machines are usually fitted with a cleaning belt at this stage.

Potatoes pass over a second web before entering the picking table where up to four pickers can be stationed. An option is to place the axial rollers underneath the picking table so cleaning continues as the potatoes are passed to the exit conveyor.

Price of the Kverneland UN2422 is £58,900.