1 December 1995

Clobber meadow grass

ANNUAL meadow grass must be removed early from spring beans if yields are not to be jeopardised. Even a low population of the aggressive weed can knock profits.

This is the conclusion from a trial managed by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation for Zeneca, in which Fusilade was used to control Marinka winter barley, a substitute for the grass weed, in beans.

"Every year the potential of spring beans, and peas, is put at risk as the highly competitive annual meadow grass is not removed sufficiently early," saidZenecas John Coutts.

"Where it is left unchecked populations rocket and yields decline rapidly.

"Even a low population of just 5/sq m results in a 10% yield reduction in spring beans."

Best removal time

The best time to remove the weed is between the 2-4 node stages of the crop, when the grass is small and highly susceptible to Fusilade. Then no yield is lost.

An application four weeks later, when the crop has six to seven nodes, results in a smaller yield benefit.