10 September 2001
Co-operate to beat virus – NBA

By FWi staff

FOOT-AND-MOUTH disease can be defeated by the end of September if farmers co-operate with disease controls, beef industry leaders claim.

The National Beef Association says the battle against the virus should be in its closing stages.

Its chairman, Robert Robinson, has urged farmers to maintain their bio-security discipline and adhere to movement restrictions over the next few weeks.

“Continued circulation of the virus is the hook on which all the damaging anti-foot-and-mouth movement restrictions swing.” he said.

“If the outbreaks in Cumbria and Northumberland can be quickly brought to an end then beef farmers everywhere will feel the benefit.”

He said it is the “grit, resolution and determination” of farmers in disease hotspot areas that will determine when restrictions can be relaxed.

Life under Form D restriction in infinitely better than being slaughtered out, he warned farmers.

“We are urging everyone in these Blue Box [control areas] to regard the last three weeks of October as the final yards of a long and difficult journey,” Mr Robinson said.

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