20 September 1996

Cocksmede £1000

HOLSTEIN Friesian cattle met an encouraging demand when the Surrey-based Cocksmede herd of K Kenward and Partners averaged nearly £1000 a head.

Moved from Farnham to Kirkby Thore, Penrith, the high-yielding herd achieved a top of 1420gns for Cocksmede Sexation Julia 2nd, a young cow with a 9000kg heifer lactation to her credit. Buyer was A J England, Blackburn.

With a rolling NMR average of over 10,000kg at 4% and a margin of £1846 a cow, the event saw 31 cattle realise 1000gns and over.

Volume buyer was E Pawson, Blackburn, who took 11 head to a best of 1320gns including the 10,000kg heifer Cocksmede Lincoln Norma 2nd.

Heifer calves and yearlings averaged £469 and 21 maiden heifers levelled at £716. Other averages: 75 cows and calved heifers £1064 and 18 served heifers £945. (Norton and Brooksbank.)n