8 November 1996

Cogent Lucky is now top ranker

HIGHEST ranking bull now available from the Cogent progeny testing scheme is the Jabot son Cogent Lucky, who boasts a predicted £143 PIN, 1157kg of milk, 41kg (-0.07%) fat and 38kg (+0.03%) protein.

From the highest type index cow in France, a Blackstar from a Chief Mark, Lucky also scores well for type at 2.20. The latest group of eight Cogent young bulls has an average £119 PIN and +1.85 type merit, with PTA 95 of 997kg milk, 32kg (+0.01%) protein and 33kg (0.10%) fat.

Cogent sire analyst Drew Sloan believes all the young bulls are suitable for improving yield, milk protein and type.

"According to SAC research, using a group of five young bulls is as reliable as using any proven bulls, but for Cogent members the cost is £5 a straw," says Mr Sloan.

He recommends members use unproven sires on milking heifers and repeat services for cows. Maiden heifers should be put to proven sires with a consideration for calving difficulties.