2 February 1996


The recent cold spell has put back the forecasts for the arrival of T-sum. Many areas forecast last week to be at T200 by now still have a few days to go.

The latest arrival of a T-sum in recent years was in 1991 and , though forecasts suggest we will not be as late as in that year, spring now seems set to arrive later than the 25-year average and significantly later than last year. Once T-sum has arrived as shown by the green squares on the map, and provided conditions for spreading are good, fertilising can take place.

Evidence from trial plots shows that grass fertilised at T-sum 200 but later covered by snow performs better than that fertilised later.

The orange squares are forecast to arrive at T-sum 200 this time next week.

If we get more cold weather T-sum 200 could be even later than todays forecast. Ensure you read next weeks issue for an update. For more details ring the farmers weekly/Kemira T-sum hot-line on 0151-357 5631.