26 April 1996

Colour counts for bales

WRAP colour counts when making top-quality, round-bale silage.

Recent trials carried out by the University of Munster suggest using a white, reflective wrap can increase the quality of baled silage by up to 10%. In the 300-bale trial, in which three different coloured wraps were compared, students monitored bale temperatures within the top 20cm of the bale to assess the effects of wrap colour on silage quality.

After studying the results (see table) some German engineers now reckon black film should only be used on round bales made in the autumn. If black film is applied in the spring/summer, they say wrapped bales should be stored under cover away from sunlight. &#42

Effect of wrap colour on silage quality

Wrap colour


Sun reflection


Temp in outer 20cm of bale (C)




Nut value (%)10090-9395-97