30 June 1995

Colourful look at natural dye

WHETHER you are an experienced dyer or a total novice, this comprehensive guide* to hand dyeing using natural materials is a must.

In concise sections with cross-references throughout, the reader is taken through the basics of dyeing a skein of yarn with easy-to-follow colour illustrations. There is information on mordants, dyestuffs and the different combinations to achieve a wide spectrum of colours.

For the more ambitious dyer with flair for gardening, a chapter deals with growing some of the more useful and hard-to-come-by plants such as weld, madder, indigo, and woad.

Safety and environmental notes, also included, make this a foolproof guide to the craft.

Jenny Dean has turned a potentially daunting subject into an accessible one, with endless possibilities for anyone with a few simple pieces of equipment and a desire for experimentation. MP

*The Craft of Natural Dyeing by Jenny Dean, Search Press Wellwood, North Farm Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (£6.95, post-free).