28 July 1995

Combi range grows

FARM Force Engineering has expanded its range of non-powered cultivators.

Designed for use in combination with seed drills on light and medium soils, the Drill-Mate cultivator comprises a box section frame fitted with two rows of spring tines and a depth-controlling 450mm (18in) coil.

It is available in working widths between 3 and 8m (10 and 26ft) and prices start at £2470. For heavier soils the Farm Forces Uni-Til has a more aggressive action than the Drill-Mate. Again this model has an initial bank of two rows of tines and a single coil. But this is followed by a further two rows of tines and a second coil. Prices start from £4720.

Options for both cultivators include levelling boards, track eradicators. &#42

This 8m wide monster comprises an Accord drill mounted over a Farm Force tine/coil cultivator. Price of the 8m Drill-Mate cultivator £12,575.