11 August 1995

Combine/lorry bin link speeds grain to store

By James de Havilland

CARTING grain from two Claas 228 combines, with a combined potential output of 60t/hour, is unlikely to slow the harvesting operation if the farms grain store is nearby.

The problem at Bartlow Estate, Cambridgeshire, is that much of the 1335ha (3300 acres) of arable land is 8-10 miles from the farms central grain store.

Even with access to two articulated lorries, the estates grain handling system still needed two tractors and trailer shuttles, a loader and a concrete tipping area simply to keep up.

"In dry conditions we could direct empty into the lorries in the field. But there were obvious problems when it was wet," says farm manager John Goodchild.

"We compromised by using tractors and trailers as a shuttle. These would tip onto concrete, with the loader then used to fill the lorries."

"We felt we really needed an alternative handling system. We have 5000t of grain to cope with that is eight miles or more from the store, with a further 2500t nearer to home." The end result was this years purchase of a Horsch UW160 Chaser Bin, a 20cu.m (about 15t max) capacity self emptying trailer that is used to convey grain from the combine to the lorries. Bartlows model is the first and only UW160 currently working in the UK.

"To date, we have used the Chaser Bin in our barley, wheat and rape, and have been pleased with its performance. The unit takes about two minutes to unload which gives us enough time to take a fill from each combine in turn," says Mr Goodchild.

"Although the combine grain tanks hold more, we probably take 6t from each combine in turn, the Horsch being loaded with about 12-13t.

"It is then towed to a lorry waiting either on the headland or nearby hard road, with two of its loads being sufficient to fill the articulated trailer."

Shod with 30.5×32 tyres, the Chaser Bin stands 3.2m (10ft 6in) high and is 3m (9ft 10in) wide.

The hydraulically-folding and pto-driven unloading auger is 425mm (17in) in diameter, a special scalloped flight design accounting for its output of 10t/min.

Horsch UW160 Chaser Bin

&#8226 Capacity: 20cu.m (about 15t max).

&#8226 Discharge auger diameter: 425mm (17in).

&#8226 Discharge rate: 10t/min.

&#8226 Discharge height: 4.1m (13ft 5in).

&#8226 Tyres: 30.5x32s.

&#8226 Transport width: 3m (9ft 10in).

&#8226 Drawbar weight (15t load): 3t.

&#8226 Price: £17,000.

A Horsch UW160 Chaser Bin helps solve transport problems for Bartlow Estate, Cambs, where the grain store can be 10 miles from the field.