13 December 1996

Comfort at Premium

CAB suspension could soon be available for Same Lamborghini tractors. Sharp-eyed visitors to the companys Smithfield stand might just have noticed the suspension unit on a Premium 1060 model.

Still in its prototype format with a degree of development and testing work to be performed, two coil spring/ damper units support the rear of the cab, using the rear axle as the main anchoring point.

The front of the cab however, is currently void of any such luxury with its main mounting points comprising two pins to allow the cab to pivot up and down on its rear springs. Clearly there is little provision for lateral movement in such a design.

In terms of overall tractor construction, the introduction of a suspension unit has not raised the height of the cab – a point which will not be lost on stock farmers with low buildings.

Latest figures released by the Agricultural Engineers Association reveal that sales of tractors above 40hp in November fell by 20.5% compared with the same period last year. This follows a fall of 10.3% in October and brings the year-to-date figure to 17,907 – 1.3% down on the previous year. Even so, with just one month to go, the AEA predicts that the end-of-year figures will be within a shout of last years total of 19,000 units.

Coil spring and damper cab suspension on the Lamborghini Premium 1060 tractor.