22 December 1995

Comfy slurry tankers

SLURRY tankers are not usually noted for their creature comforts, says John Cummins of Hi-Spec.

To improve the lot of the operator, the company has now introduced a series of design modifications.

A new vacuum release valve removes the possibility of tanker implosion during filling, and over pressurisation in the event of a blockage when spreading. Quieter operation of the pump is achieved through a purpose-designed silencer, and to ease switching from fill to spread a cab-operated hydraulic ram has been fitted.

The silencer is fitted as standard to all Hi-Spec slurry tankers between 2000 and 3500gal, while the vacuum release valve and hydraulic changeover come as optional extras costing £134 for the two.

Making life easier for the slurry tanker operator. Modifications to Hi-Specs range include a new safety valve and hydraulically powered switching gear to change from vacuum to pressure.