15 December 1995

Commitment call by chair

"I WANT all members to feel the same thrill and commitment at belonging to the Farm Holiday Bureau as I do," chairman Carol Akers told the meeting.

Carol operates a B&B enterprise at her home in Moorend, Derbyshire, which can accommodate 12 people for whom she also provides evening meals. She is enthusiastic about farm holidays as a product and the way in which the bureau promotes them, and she urges members to support their groups.

"I have been to the Country Living Fair three years now and I can see the attitude changing," she told Farmlife, referring to the appreciation that visitors to this London-based fair now had of what FHB members were offering visitors quality accommodation and personal attention.

Carol has recently visited Norway to help set up a farm holiday bureau in that country. "We stayed in hotels initially but we started seeing the real Norway and the real people when we stayed on their farms," she said.