22 November 1996

Competency exam for German hauliers

GERMAN hauliers will have to prove they are competent to handle livestock by passing exams.

So said Dr Erich Konigs of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture at the international exhibition Eurotier 96, Hanover, Germany, last week. Dr Konigs said that the public were demanding improved animal transport laws.

"As humane transport is a specialist subject, the German interpretation of the EC directive on transport includes proposals for an examination for hauliers. This will be set by the Committee for Animal Protection which has leading vets as its members," he said.

The exam leads to a certificate of competence. Every time animals are moved, a certificate holder must be present for the entire journey.

"This legislation is being pushed through the German parliament now and will become law by January 1997. Training courses will begin as soon as possible," he said.

The Committee for Animal Protection is also involved with transporter design. According to Dr Konigs, trans-European journeys must take into account different temperatures and conditions faced by livestock.

Dr Konigs suggested that transporters demonstrated at the show which had powered ventilation systems, feed stores, water tanks, drinkers, and tail lifts were the minimum acceptable standard demanded by the public.

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Jonathan Riley

Better livestock transport conditions are being demanded by the German public, said Dr Konigs.A transport exam for hauliers is to be introduced.