26 January 1996

Compound boosts rumen without fat

A NEW heifer rearing compound claims to maximise the rate of rumen development to reflect the genetic potential of todays dairy stock .

Dugdales "Heifer Rearer" is 18% crude protein and designed to feed animals in their first two years of life without creating excess body fat.

It claims that fulfilling performance potential is dependant on the capacity of the rumen to use forages. Since that is the case, developing the rumen prior to first calving is essential.

Therefore, Dugdales recommends feeding its new heifer nut with straw which aids rumen development. For this reason the product contains an energy balancer to compensate for the low digestibility of straw. It recommends a feeding rate of 2kg a head a day from three months old, rising to 3.5kg at 24 months.

Cost is £182/tonne in bags. (01200-27211)