1 March 1996


MORLEY Research Centres computer information service MORIS is being extended this month to include oilseed rape, linseed, winter wheat and winter barley.

Launched last summer, MORIS allows growers with a computer to key into a range of crop husbandry advice and trials information. So far, manuals of information have been available for cereals and sugar beet.

Also available is information on Morleys crop experiments and bulletins plus the CABI/BCPC publication The UK Pesticide Guide

Later this month, subscribers will be able to use their office computer to read the latest trials results and crop husbandry advice on wheat, barley, oilseed rape and linseed. Crop manuals will include information on husbandry techniques, prevention and control of weeds, pests and diseases and crop nutrition problems.

"Its big advantage is that we can condense an enormous amount of information onto the computer system and that information can be found quickly and conveniently," says MORIS project manager Ben Freer. "The emphasis is down-to-earth practical management advice based on Morley experience," he adds.

Another benefit is that it allows users to cross reference information, he claims. "Using fungicides to control mildew as an example, rather than thumb through umpteen product manuals, users can review the choices of active ingredient and product at the touch of a button.

"At the flick of another key they can see how various fungicides performed in Morley trials at different application rates and timings."

There are plans to launch a manual for potatoes, a weed identification guide and a harvest yields results service. &#42




MORIS progrm275435

Licence fee[1]80160

Crop manuals95190

Pesticide Guide2525

* Morley Bulletin, harvest results, and annual report free to members only.

[1] Annual fee.

&#8226 386 IBM-compatible computer.

&#8226 VGA monitor.

&#8226 15 Mb hard disc space.

&#8226 Windows 3.1 software.