13 December 1996

Condition score determines feed

SPRING-CALVING suckler cows are fed according to condition to ensure adequate body score at calving at South Elkington Estates.

The 500 sucklers, which were traditionally Hereford x Friesian, but are increasingly Simmental or Charolais x Hereford Friesian, are split into groups according to condition score at housing.

The fit cows receive a complete diet mix of 1.25kg barley, 0.62kg beans, 1.25kg straw and 1kg pot ale syrup a head a day, with 100g of a general purpose mineral.

Rations for thinner cows – and first and second calvers – are stepped up to 2.5kg barley, 1.25kg beans, 2.5kg straw and 2kg pot ale syrup with 100g minerals.n