22 November 1996


This, the fourth register of the UKASTA Forage Additive Approvals Scheme, should give farmers even greater confidence that what they pay for is what they get, with the long-awaited introduction of product monitoring.

Until this year the scheme has only assessed how additives perform under scientific trials. Additives must now give satisfactory monitoring results in addition to giving good trial data.

The procedure will instill confidence in a products continued ability to perform as approved.

But it will pay to remember that the monitoring only covers the product up to delivery on the farm. To obtain the best results it is vital to follow the manufacturers instructions regarding storage.

With over 100 products on the market, the type used will determine whether the resulting silage is likely to improve stock performance.

When used correctly as part of the overall forage programme the FAAS can be a valuable guide to additive selection.

After initial concerns about the way some consultants and salesmen were misrepresenting the findings of the scheme, there now seems to be a better understanding that no particular additive is ideal for all situations.

But when in doubt ask for the products experimental results – warts and all…