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5 July 2002


With the first quarter of another low profit or no profit year now gone, surviving into the next will see many dairy units continue to alter their business structure.

One unit featured in this Update has made such a change by venturing into a contract dairy herd management agreement, rather than reinvesting in its existing unit. And it hopes to make a reasonable profit, without taking on extra borrowing this year.

While these radical changes will produce a secure increase in profit, this should not be at the expense of technical performance in the key areas of grassland management, mastitis and cow fertility.

The national decline in cow fertility is a huge concern to the industry and in reality both high yielding and low yielding cows are at risk of this costly problem.

But technology and research are beginning to help some units improve fertility, as we report in this Update.

However, there is still the long-term need to secure an improvement in milk prices. While much of this is outside producers hands, joining our FARMERS WEEKLY/Dairy Crest School Milk Matters campaign could help.


Farmer Focus 3

Contracting dairying pays up 6

Group asks grazing questions 8

Care needed with pasture renovation 10

Food ingredients: An expanding market 12

Dont cut dry cow therapy 14

Low cost heifer rearing 16

School Milk Matters 19

Irish fertility study shows good results possible with high merit cows 20

Technology to improve cow fertility 22

Cattle crushes 26

Edited by Jessica BussNext issue August 2

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9 March 2001


Mower maintenance 4

Silage digestibility counts 6

When to whole-crop 8

Leatherjacket risk high 9

Guide to tined harrows 10

Buying conventional balers 12

Second-hand trailed foragers 14

Edited by Jessica Buss and

Andy Collings

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23 February 2001


UKASTA forage additive survey 3

Using the forage additive scheme successfully 4

Product listings – UKASTA Forage Additive Approval Scheme 5

Manufacturer listings 14

Making top quality grass and maize silage 15

Edited by Emma Penny

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3 November 2000


Farmer Focus 3

Viewpoint 6

Holstein bull beef margins 6

Displaced abomasum mystery 8

Cheesey route to price rise 10

Bicton College – fit for the future 14

Plans for turning loss around 16

Organic ups and downs 18

Extending profit by grazing 20

Trailer purchase options 22

Maintaining muck spreaders 24

Sexed semen benefit on-farm 26

Inputs for modern cows 29

Comeback for Brown Swiss breed 30

Edited by Jessica Buss

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