22 September 1995

Contract dippers call for compensation

CONTRACT sheep dippers who claim they were poisoned by organophosphorus dip are calling for automatic compensation.

Former contract dipper Jim Candy from south-east Cornwall told the north Devon meeting that OP dips must be banned. "There was a time when suitable alternatives werent available; now they are," he said.

Bib-apron and pair of gloves

Sufferers of OP poisoning must also campaign for compensation, said Mr Candy, who then held up a bib-apron and pair of gloves that were given free to users of Ciba Geigy Topclip dip. He estimated that a five-litre can of the product could dip 1000 sheep.

"Do you think these marigold gloves are going to stand up to that?" he asked. "The first time you snag them there is a hole in them. If this is good enough then do we need all the waterproof leggings now? The damage has been done to a lot of people, therefore we need automatic compensation," he said.

Michael Archibald said he also used to work as a contract sheep dipper and used the "Ciba-Geigy chemical with the disinfectant".

Mr Archibald said he always wore full protective clothing from the neck down. He said he felt fine to begin with but then became more and more tired after every job.

"I would dip 30 sheep, pack up and drive down the lane and go to sleep in the Land Rover before I could go on," he said.