8 November 1996

Control sheep scab with a jab

SHEEP scab can be controlled using the non-OP product moxidectin.

This is the result of laboratory and field studies in the Irish Republic as reported in the Veterinary Record, Nov 2, 1996.

The studies have shown that single or double subcutaneous injections of a 1% formulation of the milbemycin moxidectin are effective in not only curing existing sheep scab but also in preventing reinfestation by scab mites for at least 28 days. The same protection has also been demonstrated at the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Weybridge, says scab specialist Peter Bates.

Irish researchers say their findings show moxidectin is suitable for control of sheep scab, although care is needed to ensure adequate dosing. They say treatment is easy to apply, simultaneously controls worms and presents few hazards to the animal, user or environment.

lMoxidectin is licensed only for cattle use in the UK, but approval is being sought for its use to control sheep scab and is expected to be granted early next year. &#42