1 November 1996

Conventional baler given a recall

CONVENTIONAL bale enthusiasts need not despair – Lely is to reintroduce the Welger AP 830 baler for the 1997 season. It will be recalled the 830 was available when Welger balers were marketed by WestMac but Lely chose only to market the smaller 530, 630 and 730 models when it took on the Welger range last year.

The move has also been prompted by an increase in sales of conventional balers – from about 275 in 1995 to about 325 units this year, reports the AEA. An impressive increase but some way short of the 2000 units sold each year in the early 80s.

Considered by Lely to be a high capacity machine, features of the AP 830 include a 2.05m (8ft 2in) wide pick-up, 90 ram strokes a minute and three cross-feed packer arms. Twine capacity extends to 18 rolls. Shaft drives to the cross-feed and knotter mechanisms – the latter equipped with sealed bearings – are designed to provide permanent synchronisation. Price starts at £19,995.

Re-enter Welgers flagship high capacity conventional baler, the AP 830. Pick-up width is 2.05m (8ft 2in) and prices start at £19,995.