4 August 1995

Correct lysine boosts growth

FEED piglets the correct level of lysine and it is possible to reduce scouring and lift performance.

That is the claim of British Denkavit, which has extended its Vitasuckla feeds range to help supply the right level of the amino acid.

It says that an oversupply of lysine to piglets whose ability to fight infection is challenged will use up energy and depress performance.

Pig technical marketing manager Stephen Pearce says the use of this energy carries a financial cost. "A feed supplying 15MJ/kg of DE may supply an extra 1% of protein, but to metabolise this protein the piglet uses 0.15MJ/kg eaten." This is 1% of the energy density of the diet so the cost in terms of wasted nutrients was 1% of the cost of the feed, he claims.

British Denkavit cites studies which show essential amino acid needs for piglets can vary by as much as 20% depending on the challenge to the immune system.

A high health status herd needs a different regime to a lower status herd to improve feed intakes and, therefore, growth rates. &#42