27 September 1996

Cost trimmed for feeder…

The autumn show/demo season is now in full swing. Here James de Havilland reports from the Dairy Event and Tillage 96

FEED mixers aimed at the smaller farmer were much in evidence at the Dairy Event, with the vertical auger AGM 110 Practical Feeder from K&K Whistance making its debut at the show.

Designed as a lower cost alternative to the companys similar capacity W10 model, the Italian-made 11cu m 110 is some £3000 cheaper at £16,500.

This has been achieved by reducing the complexity of the weighing system, fitting a lighter chassis and using a fully welded, as opposed to bolted-up, tub. Otherwise the machine is much the same as existing models, the mixer being designed to handle everything from big bale silage and straw to straights and minerals.

The British-built Shelbourne Reynolds Power Mix range also uses a single vertical auger, but unlike the conical design used by AGM, the Power Mix auger is straight sided.

Both designs use knives mounted on the auger flights to slice incoming material, but the Power Mix has a second bank of smaller knives running in the base of the mixer tub.

These run on the same main auger drive, and are designed to provide additional fine shredding. The 45/23 Power Mix has 4.5cu m/2.3t capacity and is priced £8790 without weigh cells.

The 60/23 and 60/30 models both have a 6cu m tub but differ in that maximum weight capacities are 2.3t and 3t respectively.

Prices are £9190 and £10,190 without weigh cells – their addition adds another £1500 to each model.

All Power Mix models can discharge to the left or right, with the dump height being adjustable up to 1.20m. Two larger machines, the 80/40 and 100/50 of 8cu m/4.0t and 10cu m/5.0t are to be introduced next year.

With weighing system

Supplied complete with weighing system, they will be priced around £14,950 and £15,590. All the mixers are able to cope with baled as well as blocks of silage, and are claimed by the company to be suitable for mixing any materials used in home-mixed diets, including root crops.

Opico has expanded its range of Reel Auggie diet feeders to include the narrow 7.30cu m 36RA3300 model. Measuring 2.57m (8ft 6in) at its maximum width, the 3300 model is aimed at the 60 to 70-head units with narrower feed passages.

The range of feeders, which now encompasses machines with capacities from 6.1 to 16.8cu m, feature a large diameter centrally mounted reel and two full length, side-mounted augers. The 3300 model is priced at £14,750.

Parmiter has added to its Lucas G Feeda-Bedder range with the Castor model. Able to cope with round and square big bales of hay, straw and silage, the Castor replaces the existing Feeda-Bedder 6 model.

Claimed to be the only combination feeder and bedder available capable of handling big bale silage, the Castor has a 2.3t load capacity and is able to throw straw for bedding to 20m.

The machine is trailed, but close couples via a double pivot to the tractors lower links to aid manoeuvrability. Made in France, but designed in conjunction with Parmiter, the Castor is supplied with an in-cab control for all major functions. Price is £11,495.

Hi-Spec now offers a tandem axle version of its established MixMax 14 diet mixer. This £1070 option is designed to improve the units stability when being towed longer distances on the road. The company is also offering a high discharge option for the MixMax 10 for £960.

The AGM110 Practical Feeder, from K&KWhistance, made its debut at this years Dairy Event.