8 June 2001


ARE you a young farmer looking to make it in telly? Then this could be your big chance.

Channel 4 series, Faking It, is looking for someone under 25 – ideally who can shear sheep – to transform in the space of four weeks into a top London hairdresser.

The BAFTA-nominated show attempts to pass off people from one walk of life in a completely new profession. And each show follows the progress of the volunteers as theyre coached, tried and tested in how best to bluff their way in their new surroundings.

Among those featured have been the Oxbridge chemistry student turned into a London bouncer (right), the classical cellist reinvented as a Club DJ and the young curate transformed into a second-hand car salesman.

"I think the contrast between the jobs will make this a really big challenge – but the final result could well be fun," says assistant producer Emily Shields. For more details, contact Emily on 0207 908 1223.