2 June 1931

Council bollard blunder

DRIVERS of farm vehicles are having to dismantle and re-erect new safety bollards each time they travel down a country road because of a blunder by council officers.

Suffolk County Council has created narrow "traffic calming" lanes on the A1152 at Eyke, near the village primary school.

But officials have not left enough room between the bollards in the centre of the road and safety rails on the kerbsides to enable farm machinery to get through.

Drivers are having to get out of their cabs, dismantle the bollards and then reassemble them after driving through. Other traffic has to queue, to the annoyance of motorists.

The new layout has been introduced despite advice given by local farmers when they were consulted about a year ago.

Philip Westrope, of Park Farm, Loudham, has written a strongly worded letter to the council calling for urgent action. "The situation is totally unacceptable and if it was not so serious it would be laughable." &#42