7 July 1995

Count em into parlour – by ear

By Jessica Buss

BUSY milkers can now buy the equivalent of talking eartags to streamline parlour operations.

Parlour Auto-ID with voice can be used with the existing Dairymaster identification system. Transponders in the tag activate a speech system that counts cows into the parlour and alerts the milkers attention to problem cows.

"The milker can listen to cows being counted into the parlour so he doesnt have to look before closing the gate, which is useful in long, large parlours," said Mike Brewerton of Monkshill Farm Systems.

Pre-recorded messages

A selection of pre-recorded messages can be programmed into the herd management computer, cows are identified entering the parlour and the relevant announcement triggered.

"This gives milkers a lot less to remember, allowing them to concentrate on the cows.

It will also allow communication between milkers using the computer."

Auto-ID is linked to a computer herd management program which instructs parlour feeders to dispense individual rations and can automatically record cow yields.

On existing Auto-ID parlours the addition of the voice costs £850 for the control unit, speaker and computer software. Tags cost £10.50 each. A parlour Auto-ID costs about £4000, without computer.

Dairymasters "talking"eartag