7 May 1999

Crafty ways with your wax hoods


Spare wax hoods?

Farmlife readers know

what to do with them and

each of these letters below

wins the sender £10

Regarding Sue Ledburys quandary of her waxed jacket hood pile, I would suggest she made me a waterproof cover for my grass mower. I could then leave the heavy monster outdoors during the cutting season, thereby saving me the dreaded job of dragging it in and out of the garden shed.

Mrs P M Prestney

Greenbanks, Tey Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex.

What to do with a Barbour hood.

If you have redundant fireplaces with unused chimneys, secure a hood over the chimney pot to prevent the entry of suicidal birds.

Shirley Brown

Snowdonia, 85 Bishops Road, Trumpington, Cambridge.

I cant believe that no one else is doing it. We in Norfolk have been recycling our Barbour hoods for years. We wear our Barbours with pride. Barbour bras that is, nothing keeps you warm and dry like a Barbour bra. The essential piece of kit for the outdoor woman. You can relax on those cold and frosty mornings secure in the knowledge that you are wearing your Barbour bra. I believe that the long-awaited Barbour brief is about to come into production.

So if you people in Devon dont know what to do with your hoods, send them to Norfolk. Our motto is: "Make sure everyone knows that you are part of the Barbour brigade and not just the parts that they can see."

T A Patrick

Timberley, Attleborough Road, Great Ellingham, Norfolk.

We also had a surplus of waxed Barbour hoods. However, during lambing

season they are invaluable.

My son discovered that by popping one over a knee, one can kneel in the most damp places to assist a ewe lambing, thus keeping clothing dry.

Mrs Joyce Gittins

Swinbatch, Clun, Craven Arms, Shropshire.

My granddaughter came home from her cookery class at school with a huge hole in the sleeve of her waxed jacket. She had laid it on top of the cooker!

My daughter was furious. "What am I supposed to do with that? Youve only had the thing three weeks," she said. "Give it to Minder, she will fix it," came the nonchalant reply.

I racked my brains. I have done some running repairs in my time but miracles dont come easily. I began to examine the jacket closely. Maybe I could remove the collar and replace it with something else, this would at least give me a patch of matching material. Just then I noticed a slit where the collar was sewn to the jacket and there inside was a hood. This was my lucky day.

I soon cut the hood apart from the jacket, turned the burnt sleeve inside out and opened up the seams. It wasnt a patch exactly but a whole new front for the lower half of the sleeve. When I had finished I replaced the lining. Nobody could remember which sleeve had the hole and I wasnt saying which one.

My granddaughter picked up her jacket. "There I told you Minder would mend it," she said slipping it on.

So when you have a spare hood put it away safely and knowing the way my husband treats his jackets it wont be long before you are searching for it again.

Jean Jones

Thrifts Hall Farm, Theydon Bois, Essex.

Uses for spare wax-jacket hoods.

I suggest these would make ideal muffs for motor bike or quad bike handlebars. Nice and roomy, will not affect the levers or throttle and mainly keep the hands warm and dry.

Margie Short

3 Farm Cottages, Alwinton Village, Morpeth, Northumberland.




The crisis that has hit the farming industry in recent times prompted an appeal from the Womens Food and Farming Union to the Archbishop of Canterbury and other church leaders for a special day of prayer for the farming

community. Now the Council of Churches in Britain and Ireland

has endorsed

Rogation Sunday

(May 9 this year)

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