23 June 1995

Crawlers beefed up

MOST would agree that the Morooka range of rubber-tracked crawler tractors marketed by Yuasa Warwick Machinery lacked a certain "finish" when they were first introduced into the UK – the Royal Show 93.

But now, two years later, the tractors have undergone a series of improvements to bring them in to line with the standards set by its competitors.

Principal improvement is to be found in the cab, which is now a plusher affair having a greater area of glass and an interior trim which offers both comfort and ease of operation.

Other changes include a beefing up of the three-point linkage and drawbar assembly, the fitting of extra lights and a large toolbox at the front of the machine.

Three models are available in the UK – the MK120, MK160 and the MK220, the model number denoting its rated engine horsepower. Hydrostatic transmissions are fitted to all models.

Prices start at £63,000 for the MK120, £68,000 for the MK160 and £79,850 for the MK220.