12 April 1996

Cultivators big day

DRUMMING up interest in a new cultivator concept brings with it some taxing questions for a farmer inventor: When to launch it, who should be there and on what soil type to work the machine?

Dorset farmer Tony Harding took an unorthodox approach last week when he invited along neighbours, dealers and four major manufacturers to see his one-pass cultivator at work – all on the same day.

So why the interest? At first glance, Mr Hardings cultivator looks little different to any other combination cultivator with its standard mix of subsoiling legs, coil tines and a heavy duty crumbler roller. Where it differs from the conventional is that each component bank can be adjusted hydraulically to work at varying depths.

Judging by the reaction at the demo, Mr Hardings choice of guest list was a good one. Several manufacturers expressed an interest in his patented design.

Among the makers attending the event were Browns of Leighton Buzzard and Parmiter. Only time will tell if success and prosperity beckon. &#42

Tony Harding gives manufacturers and farmers a tour around his multi-bank, one-pass cultivator. All working sections can be independently adjusted by using hydraulic rams.