23 June 1995

Cutting costs, thats the drill

ARABLE incomes may be riding high now, but the long term outlook remains uncertain.

The pressure is still on to reduce crop establishment costs, says Concept Machinery, which introduced a new cultivator drill at Cereals 95. The machine is designed to plant into ploughed and minimal cultivated ground.

As yet unnamed, the Italian-built trailed drill follows a similar design principle to that made popular by the Simba Freeflow and Vaderstad Rapide – a tined coulter bar suspended between two consolidating rollers.

Likewise, the Concept version comprises three rows of rigid tine coulters sandwiched between its two depth-controlling rollers. For extra cultivating effect, a double row of tines work the ground ahead of the front roller.

Seed is metered from a central 1500-litre capacity hopper, through peg wheel units into individual venturi. Air blast is supplied by a pto-driven fan.

The drill is only available as a 4m (13ft) wide machine, but 3m, 6m and 8m versions are planned. Power requirement and price of the 4m model are about £19,000 and 170hp, respectively.