9 June 1995

Cutting pong and helping slurry along

SLURRY flows easier when "Slurry Boss" is added to dried out underground tanks, claims Geoff Thompson of Pyramid Systems, Malton, North Yorkshire.

The solution made by Chem-a-Co, East Yorkshire, claims to reduce toxic gases and odour and promote the breakdown of pig slurry, making it easier and cheaper to pump.

Mr Thompson says when slurry from the underground tanks on his pig unit is sluiced out into the lagoon he is able to pump out the slurry to within 225mm (9in) of the bottom. He also claims the slurry treatment may have helped to control fly numbers on the farm.

Slurry Boss costs £29 for a five-litre pack to treat 300,000 litres of slurry (01482-648621).