7 July 1995

Debut for three de-mounts

New machines and ideas were in abundance at this years Sprays & Sprayers. Here Andy Collings and Andrew Faulkner continue their event review

DE-MOUNT sprayers for specialist systems tractors may only account for about 10-15% of the UKs farm sprayer market, but it remains a high profile sector.

Yet another batch of these machines made their debuts at this years Sprays & Sprayers.

Hydro Chafer was showing not one but three new de-mounts at the event. In addition to the model fitted to South Cave Tractors forward control MB Trac (Machinery, Jun 30), the South Humberside-based firm is now also building sprayers for the JCB Fastrac and Claytons 4120 Buggi.

Chafers JCB unit has a 2000-litre (440gal) capacity stainless steel tank and a choice of 12m (40ft), 18m (60ft) or 24m (80ft) steel booms. Other features include a 500-litre/min (110gal/min) centrifugal pump and in-cab control of all sprayer functions – remote boom lift/tilt/fold, pressure control and boom section on/off.

Similar componentry is incorporated on the firms Buggi demount, although the tractors extended chassis allows tank size to be increased to 3000 litres (660gal).

Bigger still is Cleanacres Machinerys de-mount for the Fendt Xylon systems tractor.

Launched at Smithfield 95, the Xylon has four possible loading points: Front linkage, rear linkage and two platforms positioned fore and aft of the centrally-mounted cab. Fitting two tanks on the front and rear platforms has enabled Cleanacres to create a spraying systems tractor with a capacity of 4000 litres (880gal) – 3000 litres (660gal) on the front and 1000 litres (220gal) on the rear.

When used with the firms Airtec twin fluid system, spraying at a typical volume of 70 litres/ha (6gal/acre), the Xylon unit is capable of covering nearly 60ha (150 acres) per tankful.

"The outfit has tremendous capacity but because the Xylon is an expensive tractor, the sprayer will never sell in huge numbers," says Cleanacres Julian Weston.

The firm also builds de-mounts with more mass appeal for the JCB Fastrac, but here capacity is restricted to 2000 litres (440gal).

"We can fit a much bigger rear tank to the Xylon because of its extended load platform – both in terms of width and length. Weve also been able to sink the tank sump into the chassis, which keeps the centre of gravity low."

Price of the Xylon demount unit, when fitted with the Airtec system and a 24m (80ft) boom, is £24,000. Without Airtec, the price is £18,000. Taking the front tank option adds about a further £1800. &#42

This Cleanacres de-mount sprayer for the Fendt Xylon tractor, was one of a number of de-mount units making their debut at Sprays & Sprayers.