3 May 1996

Debut for wheeled loaders

By Andrew Faulkner

TELESCOPICS may currently top the UK farm handler chart, but there is still a market for the traditional wheeled loader.

From the end of this month Case joins the smaller end of this sector with an Italian-built loader – a machine the firm has sold in France for the past two years.

Two main models, the 6.2t 321B and 7t 421B, are expected to make the trip from Italy, although three smaller machines will be available on request.

"Theres still demand for wheeled loaders from farmers and contractors despite the recent boom in telescopic sales," Cases Roger Foot explains.

"Obviously, a wheeled loader cant stack bales to the same height as a telescopic but they can do everything else – load corn, muck out sheds, work on silage clamps.

"Its big advantage is build quality and industrial-spec strength. After 10 years hard work, there would be no comparison between the condition of a wheeled loader and a standard farm telescopic."

Built for Case by Veneri, the two 21B loaders should sell to both construction and farming in the UK, where the 421B will be up against the likes of JCBs 412 Farm Master and the smaller 321B will take on Kramer-type machines.

Both 21Bs are powered by rear-mounted Perkins 1000-series engines, and drive through a torque convertor/Clark powershift box combination to all four wheels. They also share rigid front axles, oscillating rear ones and a limited slip diff up front; a rear diff is optional.

Up in the cab, controls are minimal. On the floor are brake and throttle, while sprouting from the steering column are two stalks: To the left is a shuttle/powershift lever, to the right is wiper/lights.

Twin-lever loader controls are mounted next to the drivers seat. One gives cross-pattern operation of raise/lower/crowd/tip, and the other is reserved for any auxiliary service fitted.

The 21Bs will make their UK debuts at the construction show SED on May 14. &#42

Loader data


Engine (hp)80100

Weight (t)6.27.0

Max travelspeed (mph)1824

Tipping loadat 40í (t)3.74.35

Dump height(mm)2.68m2.8m


Gradient grunt… The Case 321Bloader packs an 80hp Perkins engine.