17 August 2001

Dee Dees a versatile delight

Brigg and Louth FWC members are so lucky to have leaders Margaret Gratton and Pat Needham who arranged a great evenings entertainment on a rainy day in July when 70 members gathered at the White Heather, Caenby Corner, Lincs.We were all thrilled to welcome longstanding member Dorothy Nicholls back after a long absence due to illness. What a plucky lady, she is back living in her own bungalow with a little help from her friends and family. Her smile was worth driving over 300 miles through the rain to see.

Versatility is a word that springs to mind when thinking of Miss Dee Dee Lee, our entertainer; no wonder Prince Charles chose her to perform at his birthday celebrations. She started off with a song and dance routine from Oliver and soon had everyone joining in the singing. She then showed us what a quick-change artiste she was by turning from the Artful Dodger to a glamorous magician and stunning us with card tricks. Another metamorphosis and dancing from the Orient delighted us, Dee Dee is so dainty and graceful. All change again and whod have thought that the Farm Womens Club could produce such stars capable of doing Knees up Mother Brown – certainly a change from the usual routine of farmers wives who have ever more paper work to do these days on top of all their other chores.