22 November 1996

Deere focuses on lower hp

A new tractor range, more power for existing ranges, updates for balers and the introduction of a new in-house credit scheme – John Deere has had a busy autumn.

Andy Collings reports

"WE are pretty sound in the 100hp+ tractor market," says John Deeres managing director, Alec McKee. "What we want to do now is consolidate our position in the lower horsepower scene."

Hence the introduction of the Italian assembled 5000 Series, a range of lightweight tractors in the 55hp to 80hp power band offered in standard and narrow builds.

In all, there are five models – the 55hp 5300 and 70hp 5400, which are destined for general farm duties, and the 5300N, 5400N and 80hp 5500N for orchard work. Width of the "N" versions is 1.3m (4ft 3in).

Power for the 55hp and 70hp models is provided by a three-cylinder engine, naturally aspirated and turbocharged, while the 80hp gets a four-cylinder block.

Standard transmission is a 12 x 12, 18.6mph unit with 24 x 24, 25mph available as an option. Both systems allow creeper speeds down to 0.2mph and include a dashboard-mounted shuttle lever.

Available in two- or four-wheel drive, John Deere is keen to point out the tractors low overall weight of 2.5t. By comparison, the companys similarly powered 3000 Series tractors weigh in at 3.5t.

Features on the standard versions include power steering, independent and ground speed related pto and a rear linkage with a lift capacity rated at 3.1t.

For the narrow versions, a removable cab with an option of a two-post foldable ROPS is included in the specification as is a choice of 540/540E (economy) or 540/1000 pto systems.

Price of the four-wheel drive 5300 is listed at £20,067 and the 5400 at £21,372.

In addition to the introduction of the 5000 Series to European markets – they have been available in the States for a number of years – John Deeres existing tractor ranges, the 6000, 7000 and 8000 Series, also receive some changes for the new year.

In comes the mid-specification 84hp 6200SE and 100hp 6400SE models, which are available with either a SyncroPlus 12 x 4 18.6mph transmission or a new 16 x 16 shuttle box in 18.6mph or 25mph versions.

A low profile cab option allows the tractor to pass under 2.5m (8ft 2in) obstructions, depending on tyre sizes, and the cab itself is fitted with a left hand, steering column mounted shuttle lever which does not require the use of the clutch. This latter feature also becomes an option for PowrQuad versions of the 6000 Series.

In the 7000 series, a new 8.1-litre PowerTech engine creates the new three-model 7010 series. The engine is claimed to provide increased power and results in the 7810 being rated at 175hp, the 7710 155hp and the 7610 at 140hp.

But that is not all, says John Deere. The new turbocharged engines are capable of producing even greater power outputs of 187hp, 166hp and 143hp at optimum engine speed.

Transmission options extend from the 19 x 7 computer controlled powershift to 20 x 20 40kph PowrQuad box (7710 and 7810 models) with the left-hand shuttle lever.

The 8.1-litre PowerTech engine is also being fitted to the companys 185hp 8100, 210hp 8200 and 230hp 8300 tractors as well as the 260hp 8400.

Once again, John Deere claims rated power plus, maximising at 200hp, 227hp, 250hp and 283hp, respectively, for the four models. Torque reserve is 38-44%.n

Narrow version of the mid-range 5400. Note the ROPS in front of the cab and the side delivery spool valves.

John Deere 5000, 6000SE, 7010 and 8000 Series tractors