4 August 1995

Demand for food will reduce welfare fears

WELFARE issues will reduce in importance as a growing world population demands more food.

Former president of the New Zealand Farmers Association Brian Chamberlain made the prediction at the World Sheep and Wool Congress at Malvern, Worcestershire.

In the near future, welfare will still be important to the consumer, but the pork and chicken industries were likely to attract most attention, he said. That pattern would change over the next 50 years as the world population reaches 50bn.

"Will people in a time of rising demand be bothered whether their chicken or pork comes from animals kept in pens and cages, or from animals which supposedly have more freedom? I doubt it," he said.

&#8226 A small group of animal rights campaigners demonstrated against live exports outside the Three Counties Showground on the second day of the World Sheep and Wool Congress.