2 June 1995

Demand makes straw difficult

SMALL entries of hay and straw are proving hard to shift in some markets as the season closes.

At Carlisle, where 10 loads were forward on Monday, selling proved "difficult". Barley straw topped at £60/t; wheat straw at £70/t.

"We expect very little demand at this time," says auctioneer Bob Bell. "Plus, the bank holiday has interfered with trade."

What little demand there is, he says, is from producers with housed stock and from those looking for straw to put on silage pits.

At Chelford, 10 loads of straw and three loads of hay were also forward. "Entries will stay at this level until about the end of June," says auctioneer David Russell.

There, traditional-baled barley straw averaged £70/t and wheat straw levelled at £60/t. "Horse and pony buyers", meanwhile, took the price of hay to £182/t.

"With the fantastic trade we have seen this season there will not be the reservoir of produce carried over into next year that there usually is," says Mr Russell.

"Some barns have been completely emptied – for the first time for many years." &#42