14 July 1995

Denmark ready to levy pesticide tax

PESTICIDE taxes will be levied in Denmark from next January.

The rates will be 27% of the farm price of insecticides and 13% of prices for herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators.

Speaking at a conference in Eire, Frede Damgaard from Ciba Agriculture in Denmark said the taxes lacked any scientific basis. He blamed the Danish farmers unions for failing to fight the tax. "Danish farmers unions refused to join manufacturers to argue against it. They said it was our problem and ours alone."

Highlighting inconsistencies in the way the tax would be levied, Mr Damgaard noted that rodenticides – used widely by non-farmers – would be exempt. He feared that approval schemes would be undermined.

The firms managing director in Denmark, Jacob Iversen said reductions in land tax were intended to offset the pesticide tax, leaving growers no worse off. But the system could still leave some farmers worse off, he warned. &#42