10 November 1995

Deregulation charted

THE latest Genus Milkminder report, for 4000 costed dairy herds, is the first to chart the effects on producers of deregulated milk marketing and a dramatic rise in milk quota prices.

In summary, the results show:

&#8226 Substantial increases in milk yield and price, to average 5994 litres at 23.55p/litre.

&#8226 Reduction in the quantity and price of concentrates fed (0.27kg/litre at £140/t).

&#8226 A reversal of the previous years decline in margin over purchased feed a cow, to £1172.

&#8226 Improved yield from homegrown forage.

&#8226 A widening in the performance gap between best and worst producers.

&#8226 A further widening of the milk fat:protein ratio as the protein percentage continued to decline.

&#8226 Cell counts also increased. (See Livestock, p39.) &#42