8 December 1995

Direct-injection debut

LATEST contender for the sprayer direct injection market is Chavtrac, which is now marketing the North American-built Raven system.

Described by the company as a high-pressure system, the Raven SCS 750 employs positive displacement stainless steel pumps to meter concentrated chemical into the spray line just before it reaches the spray boom. It is an arrangement claimed to allow a faster response time to variations in concentrate volume and ensure only a minimal amount of product is in the system.

Like other injection systems, its supreme advantages are that only clean water needs to be retained in the main tank and that the spray pressure does not need to change when different amounts of active product are applied – either in respect of variations in operating speeds or different weed types.

There is also a built-in provision for the Raven to be controlled by a GPS system or a cab-mounted computer so yield mapping information can be utilised.

Capable of handling up to five different concentrates at the same time and metering them at individual rates, the Raven is available for fitting to Chavtracs sprayer range, with prices starting at about £6000.

The Raven SCS 750 direct injection system on a Chavtrac Spra Coupe.