21 July 1995

Dock control, old and new

OLD and new technology combined could help control docks in grassland for a third of the cost of some modern herbicides, according to Headland Agrochemicals.

"The use of a modern spray penetrant alongside older, proven herbicides improves the speed and extent to which the herbicide enters the weed," says the companys Julian Berry.

"This overcomes two of the key factors that make docks difficult to kill-tough waxy leaf surfaces and large food reserves held in the extensive root system," says Mr Berry.

Infestation costs

He suggests that the cost of a dock infestation can be as much as £160/ha based on a 10% reduction in grass yields.

The company claims that one litre/ha of its penetrant combined with five litres/ha of an MCPA/CMPP dicamba herbicide has resulted in 99% to 100% control of dock infestations at 30% to 40% of the cost of modern herbicides.