17 May 1996

Dont delay later PGR applications

WITH many cereals missing out on earlier growth regulators because of catchy weather, BASF is urging growers not to delay later treatments if they wish to avoid lodging.

Brief warm spells allowed some crops to move quickly through their growth stages. "Quite a lot did not get sprayed when they should," says the firms Lance Middleton. For the best results on winter wheat and barley from now on he advises split applications of Terpal (mepiquat chloride + 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid) at GS32 (second node detectable) and at GS39 (flag leaf fully emerged).

However, only applications at the earlier timing will strengthen the lower internodes and help prevent lodging from the base of the plant, he notes.

For crops which received no chlormequat, optimum timing will be when the flag leaf is just visible (GS37), he says. "This will strengthen the upper part of the plant throughout the crucial later stages of stem extension and ear emergence to prevent lodging and brackling on susceptible varieties." &#42