24 May 1996

Drills offer benefits with power harrow

CAPABLE of being used on their own or in combination with a power harrow, the latest Vogel and Noot drills to be marketed by Anglia Imports have working widths of 3m and 4m (9.8ft and 13ft).

Seed is metered via peg-type rollers driven from a land wheel powered gearbox, which provides an infinitely variable roller speed.

Coulter options extend to Suffolk or disc, with the feed tubes each having coil spring pressure arms. The design of the drill places its wheels inboard – within the working width of the drill – and is a feature claimed to offer benefits when the drill is used in combination with a power harrow.

Included in the standard specification are hydraulic bout markers and an electrically operated tramlining kit. Prices start at £6454 for the 3m (9.8ft) version fitted with Suffolk coulters. &#42

Drilling in combination or as a solo machine is possible with the new Vogel and Noot drills. Note the inboard wheels which keep the width of the drill within that of the power harrow. Prices start at £6454.