30 August 1996

Drinking in more than view…

A "SPARKLING Evening" read the notice for the Shropshire FWC July meeting.

Well, I knew that the members had sparkling personalities so the bucks fizz was a bonus! Strawberries, cream and delicious home-made shortbread were served at a belated housewarming party given by Mary Eastwood at Sandford, near West Felton. What a beautiful place to spend a well earned retirement – I could have sat and drunk in the view forever.

There were over 40 members there and it was good to be able to talk after our last meeting which involved hurtling around the countryside looking for clues! Its strange but Shropshire is the only county in which I get lost, but I was amused on my way home that night, to pass through the hamlet of Hope. Sometimes in those long, winding lanes hope is all I have left! Jean Howells

Anyone for cherries? Dorothy Highwood took two bucketsful to Kent members picnic.