1 March 1996

Drop nose tractors back to plug MF gap

A "DROP-NOSE" model is being reintroduced to Massey Fergusons tractor line-up after a years absence.

There was no replacement for the previous High Visibility model, the 85hp MF3065, when the 6100-series was launched a year ago. But MF has decided to reintroduce the concept and plug a modest gap in its range at the same time.

The 90hp 6140 is, therefore, being introduced to standard and low-bonnet specification between the 85hp 6130 and 95hp 6150.

The steeply inclined bonnet over the High Visibility models four-cylinder engine brings the drivers line of vision 1.87m (6ft 2in) nearer the front of the tractor to give a clearer view of front-mounted implements and of hazards when manoeuvring in and around buildings.

Standard build for both MF6140 versions includes four-wheel-drive, electronic lift linkage control, Autotronic functions, and a 16 x 16 transmission with two-speed powershift in each gear and forward/reverse electro-hydraulic shuttle. Options include MFs Dynashift four-speed powershift (giving 32 x 32 speeds in all), creeper gears, front linkage and pto, air conditioning and Datatronic II performance monitor and wheelslip control.

List price is £35,000, with High Visibility build an extra £1360. &#42

Steeply sloping bonnet of the 90hp MF6140 gives clearer forward visibility.