20 October 1995

Drum mower that spreads as it cuts…

ADDING an extra spreading rotor to the rear of the Agrimech Grasshopper mower enables the twin-drum machine to double as a tedder.

Faster crop drying and a lower labour/machinery costs are the result, claims Agrimech.

The Aeroswather version of the Grasshopper made its first appearance at Far West Grassland 95 earlier this year. But at that time the mower was only fitted with the one vertical rotor. Agrimechs Paul Caudwell says adding a second rotor gives more control over the swath width produced.

Scatter grass

"Varying the speed of the two tined rotors allows the mower to either leave a tight 3ft swath or scatter the grass over the machines full 10ft working width," he explains.

In addition to fitting the extra rotor, Agrimech has also altered deflector plate design on the mower, which has a power requirement of about 95hp. Prices of 1996 machines are likely to start from about £14,500.