10 May 1996

Easier ET promised

CHEAPER and easier embryo transfer is being promised with the launch of a new ET service by Genus.

It now has 13 lay technicians trained to directly transfer embryos on thawing to recipients. A similar service is being offered already by breeding specialists Sefax (Livestock, Nov 10).

Genus ET vet, Ian Kippax, claims the new ET service, based on direct rather than conventional ET, is cheaper because embryos can be transferred to natural heat.

That will save on the cost of synchronising recipients. And it is faster and simpler, he reckons, because freezing with ethylene glycol instead of glycerol allows embryos to be thawed and directly implanted.

The call-out ET service will be nationwide by the autumn, says Genus.

There will be no visit fee for direct transfer ET. For conventional transfers the cost is still £95. Individual transfer will cost £75 for both techniques but reduced to £60 when more than six are completed on one visit.