8 September 1995

Eastland Cash highest climber in Dutch index

By Sue Rider

LATEST sire figures from Holland lift several bulls which gained only limited proofs last April to the top of the Dutch index (INET) league.

Highest climber is the Sunny Boy son, Eastland Cash, out of a Cleitus dam. He gains 165 INET points with the addition of 100 first-crop daughters to his proof – and becomes the seventh highest Dutch sire ranked on PIN.

The Dutch conversion to UK PTA 95 equivalents has not chan-ged with this latest run and gives Cash a PIN value of £108. His UK conversion at 59% reliability shows 867kg milk, 34kg (-0.02%) fat and 28kg (0.00%) protein.

Another high climber, gaining 105 INET points, is the Southwind son Navajo, out of a Chairman dam. His UK conversion at 71% reliability is 1013kg milk, 27kg (-0.20%) fat, 29kg (-0.04%) protein and £104 PIN.

Udder improver

Number one proven sire ever in Holland for udders is the Ugela Bell son, Delta Lava (BL). He is now three points ahead of any other Dutch bull for udders, with a score of 115, and in the top five for total type score at 113. The new proof of this calving ease sire converts to 724kg milk, 27kg (-0.04%) fat, 25kg (+0.03%) protein and £97 PIN.

The Bell Promise son Etazon Meadow, out of a Chief Mark cow, climbs 87 INET points to fifth highest Dutch sire on PIN at £112.

Most promising newcomer to the list is the Blackstar son Havep Marconi, out of a Rotate dam.

He adds 150 INET points to his production proof to leave a UK conversion at 71% reliability of 994kg milk, 22kg (-0.26%) fat, 29kg (-0.04%) protein and £101 PIN. He is now the highest type Blackstar son from Holland, with a Dutch-type score of 112.

Top proven Dutch bull for type is now the Ugela Bell son, Barnkamper Quality, out of a Clei-tus dam, at 115 for type (PIN £82).

Highest Dutch sire ranked on PIN is still Labelle (BL) at £129 PIN. A close second is Delta Cleitus Jabot (£128 PIN) followed by Lutz (£118) and Celsius (£116).

Sunny Boy enters the top 20 Dutch sires ranked on PIN at £100 with the addition of a further 20,000 second crop daughters to his proof. He is still underperforming in the UK against conversion by £12. Importing agents Inimex genetics suggests this is because 58% of his UK proof (£88 PIN) comprises daughter lactations based on records in progress. &#42

Daughter of top udder improver in Holland – Delta Lava (BL).