30 June 1995

Easy-adjustable plough

VOGEL and Noots latest plough development is designed, says the company, to offer an easily adjusted working width to enable tractor power to be matched to soil type.

Marketed in the UK by Norfolk-based Anglia Imports, the Euromat 3SS comes in four-, five- and six-furrows with a choice of manual or hydraulic width adjustment. There is also an option for shearbolt or trip protected legs.

The S model completes the renewal of the Vogel and Noot plough range and, says Anglia Imports sales director Charles Dyke, it is built to cope with arduous ploughing conditions.

"The 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in) one-piece beam and beefed up headstock will cope with powerful tractors – up to 240hp – and still provide reliable service," he says.

Price of the Euromat 3SS plough range starts at £9895 for a four-furrow model. &#42